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Conquering Your Scarcity Mindset

Here’s what I learned the most during covid-19.  I have huge desire to show up and serve YOU. My followers, my team, my customers, and even you my haters ;)  

It’s not all about selling a bottle of shampoo or “join my team”. I truly didn’t know this until I was deep into the midst of my business that my purpose is so much more. This  business has actually given me the outlet to be the best version of Me. I can be creative, I can help people, I can teach, I can write, I can do events, I can be a leader, I can be a learner and more. It’s the most freeing feeling and I actually LOVE my boss ;) 

As we emerge from one of the world’s greatest catastrophes, I wanna talk about all these fears and what they have in common. 

They all come from a scarcity mindset. And, frankly, this fear-based mindset that we are all becoming a little too familiar with is one of the biggest things that will hold you back in not only your business, but in life. 

Scarcity mindset creates jealousy, sadness from comparison, focuses on the extreme short term of every decision. 

Here are 5 things that can help you rid of that scarcity mindset and cultivate an abundance mindset. 

  1. Be grateful. Talk about the multitude of things that you do have. Don’t engage in what you don’t have and what you can’t do. Think about the positive coming from the pandemic. Stop thinking about what you are doing without. 

  2. Organize your home and your life.  The process of getting your possessions and time better organized does a lot to cultivate an abundance mindset. You will begin to realize how much time you actually already have in your life. You will feel grateful for how much time ou have and organizing that closet will show you how much you actually have! Organizing exposes you directly to the riches you already have in place. 

  3. Reduce your Media Consumption. Media is all about fear mongering and cultivating desires for things you have, which is the key element of the scarcity mindset. 

  4. Look for the positives in every loss. Sometimes life deals you a bad hand. Or a world wide lockdown where you miss out on vacations, gatherings, job loss, concerts and events. Whenever life deals you a rough moment, stop and think about the positives that are coming out of this change. Keep in mind that at least one thing can always come out good of this situation. 

  5. Stop comparing yourself to others. All that matters is how you compare to YOURSELF-  how you live out your own ideals in your day to day life.  Remember that what ou see on social media is just a hi light reel so don’t focus on what you see when you don’t see all the other layers under that iceberg. 

Remember, your life is full of wonderful things, more than you can ever possibly explore. When someone else is thriving, and you’re not- it doesn’t mean you’re going without. Maybe your downfall is setting you up for the biggest reward in life. If you know my story and how I got started with this company. You will know that when I thought nothing else could be worse in life was actually the biggest blessing in disguise. 

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