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Unapologetically Authentic

Have you ever been standing in line behind someone in the grocery store, ease dropping and trying to figure out if you spoke up to give your advice, recommendation or opinion if it would be welcomed or rude? Or, are you an introvert like myself and speaking up to a complete stranger paralyzes you even though your creative mind is bursting to share, help, and inspire. 

Both of those situations are exactly me. Even though I am a professional network marketer, a public speaker, and a top leader in my company, I still struggle with the introvert in me which can sometimes make me socially awkward or come across as “unfriendly” but the reality is that I love to share, I love to help people grow, I love to share tips and tricks & wow people and strangely enough, I even love to flex my comfort zone muscles because I truly believe in leading by example.

Even those who know my story (which I will share with you later!) don’t know what my bucket list dream was, and still is, and what I truly went to school for - Journalism. Yup! I want to write a book some day and I had big aspirations to be a writer my whole life.  But life happens right? So here I am now, happier than ever because my current career has lead me right here to this very 1st blog post on my very own platform to be able to share with you my opinions, my tips and tricks, mom life, advice for your personal and business life and my current favourite - interior design! 

I believe in being vulnerable, unapologetically authentic and I will annoy the heck out of you with my positivity! I can promise you, you won’t just see the highlight reel but the good, bad, and the ugly. I am so excited to share my knowledge and inspiration with you!

Feel free to stay in touch and never miss a new blog!

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Such a great read! Clearly meant to be a writer for sure. SUPER excited to keep reading your blog! 😊🎉


Congratulations Trina!


Congratulations Trina 🍍


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